Monday, August 22, 2011

Review! Nuance by Salma Hayek Eyeshadows! (Duo & Quad)

This is going to be a double review. One for the Nuance Quad, and one for the Duo (since they're both by the same brand).

First up: Nuance by Salma Hayek-Neutrals Quad.

I came across a review a while back on Nouveau Cheap about the Salma Hayek Neutrals eye Quad. I was intrigued by the shape of the container, as well as the colors.  She raved about how amazing they were, and so of course, being impressionable as I am, had to go out and buy it as well.  At first glance, the pod thing scared me. "what the hell?" I thought. "GIMMICKY".  Was my second.  Once I got it home though, I quickly changed my mind..

The colors are actually quite gorgeous, and my camara truly doesnt do it justice.  I was a little wary of the Toasted almond color (the right square), but it actually blended really well on my eye as a crease color.  I love that even though the box has reccomendations on what combination to use, you can really use any combo you want, and it'll always look great and natural.

I had NO fallout from this, and minimal creasing after 6 hours WITHOUT primer. The colors stayed true, and they blended well. I loved that they didnt lose their intensity once blended (many eyeshadows do).  I honestly didnt use the sponge that came with it since it was rounded, and i wasnt too sure what to use it for (liner maybe?).  But either way, I'm THRILLED with this quad.

The packaging, while gimmicky at first, actually isnt that bad. Its not too much bigger then a cellphone, and its not too too wide.  It'd definitly take up room in your purse however, if you wanted to travel with it.

The bottom line:

Not travel friendly by any means, however it is a GREAT quad, with beautifull vibrant colors.  They blend easily and will look great on any skintone or eye color.   --I give it 5/5

 (the colors close up)


The duo I got from Nuance is  Passion Plum/ Sheer Lavender

I tested this out while at one of my long shifts at work, and I must admit, that without a primer , I got a good 8 hours out of it with almost no creasing.  Normally a lot of my shadows crease, but these from Nuance dont (which is great).  This one didnt come with any applicator (which was fine-but unusual for a drugstore eyeshadow). I used my own brushes and a third shade as a highlighter under the brow and they came out great.  I was quite surprised at its staying powder. I also had no fading .  The plum shade is very pigmented, and shows up great on fair skin. The lavender shade however took a few swipes before it showed up. 

Here it is on my arm..

As you can see, Sheer Lavender is an appropriate name.  However once it does show up its actually quite beautiful (I'm a sucker for purple shadows). 

Bottom Line:
This is your basic duo .  You need your own brushes for this (I wouldnt reccomend fingers since the lavender is so sheer). However, they blend great, and dont fade or crease. This is a keeper.

I give it 4/5

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