Monday, December 2, 2013

Challenge accepted

Last week it was my birthday.  I'm officially ..old enough (I'm just under 30). My best bud, Victoria of The Unconventional Makeup Junkie and I (along with my mini me) went on a Sephora run.  It was rainy on the 27th, and Sephora always cheers me up.  I went looking for nothing in particular.  Just something.  I mentioned to Victoria how amazing she looked, and how she always looks put together.  I work retail, and she works in an office, so for her , makeup is a daily ritual.  She wears neutrals to work, and goes all out on the weekends.  Theres an ongoing debate between her and I.  Since I work retail I dont feel as great a need to look put together as she does.  "Whats the point of putting on makeup ?! " I always ask.  Her response is always simply "Why not?".  Why not is mostly because unless I'm wearing my blue shirt and khaki's no one really cares what my face looks like.  Its freeing for sure, but at the same time..I dont want to feel like a shlub.  

So while we were shopping and talking she said (again) said I should wear makeup every day. It always makes me feel better about myself  and why not? I have enough of it right? This year.  I will wear something every day.  In my head , during the conversation,  I heard this:

So that challenge is to wear something makeupish every day.  Theres no rules, no penalties, just doing it for the fun of it. Honestly, I want to see if I can.  The only thing I for sure do every day is drink my morning coffee (ok fine.  Tea.  Dont judge me). 

I will be documenting what I wear (either with fotd or just pics of my makeup).  Theres no reason to cheat, since it wasnt a formal challenge, and she didnt say how much I had to wear (for instance, since I'm sick today I'm just wearing blush). 

Game on Victoria.

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