Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review & Swatches! Jordana 12hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in Aqua Last!

The 12hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils are new from Jordana!  After seeing this color, I knew I had to pick it up!

(gorgeous right?!)

I actually picked up two of these.  Aqua Last (here) and Continous Almond.  Continuous Almond I'm still testing, but here's my full review of Aqua last. 

I think Milani is the parent company of Jordana (but dont quote me on that..if anyone knows for sure please let me know).  Either way, the 12hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils are a new addition to the Jordana family.  I saw these and immediately had to pick them up.  I absolutely fell in love with the blue intending to use it as an eyeliner.  I don't care if its summer or not.  This color is made to be worn.  

What Jordana says: "• Long-lasting (Up to 12 Hour wear)• Easy to use • Water-Resistant, Crease-Proof •Paraben-Free" (source)

The Good:
The color is to die for.  I wish I had been braver and worn this color earlier, because I got so many compliments while wearing it.  The pencil is soft and easy to blend.  The color is also super vibrant, slightly shimmery, and is opaque in one swipe! Boom.

 (by the way, blue looks amazing on brown eyes..just saying...)

The Bad:
Unfortunately the wear time on me is not even close to 12hrs.  I have oily lids, and for me they lasted about 6/7 hours before fading away.  With powder set on top, it still lasted about 7 hours before fading and migrating into my crease.  Over primer ( UD Primer Potion), it wore well into 9 hrs.  
The packaging also leaves a little to be desired.  The top to the pencil isnt secure at all, and when tossed into a purse or makeup bag, the cap can come off and leave lovely blue streaks everywhere.  Also, its not self sharpening.  Be prepared to use a big sharpener and for some product wastage.  

Its not too bad if you're on a budget.  I love how vibrant the color is and how easy it is to use as a shadow or liner.  If you have normal (non-oily) lids, then this should wear well on you (who actually wears eyeshadows for 12 hours anyway?).  If your eyelids are oily (shadows crease, dont wear very long on you), then you'll need to use a primer or set it with powder.  Otherwise its nice.  However be aware the cap can come off pretty easily.

$3.99 @ Walgreens

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  1. I haven't tried anything from Jordana yet. I think I need to get to a Walgreens very soon! This color looks beautiful.

    1. It is! Its a nice budget buy! I actually just picked up the green, so be on the lookout for another post!


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